Tokyo Revengers (Mikey x Female Reader) - Chapter 10- Death Day (2022)


You are waiting for Mikey to respond but you are still facing his back and not turning around. However, he stopped walking.

You were about to approach him and hugged him from the back he suddenly said.

" why are you here at this time at night!?, go home".. He said angrily and continue walking.

You stopped and your eyes widened by his cold tone and gestures. It hurts that he has to go this far to avoid you, hugging him and kissing him was all in your mind. Wanting to save him from the loneliness he is feeling right now.

You then shouted at him before he could leave.

" Mikey!!!,"

" please!, tell me your alright"

" So if i will be going somewhere i wont get worried that you are not doing okay."

You cant helped it. You say what you have to say. This is not the time to think about it and hold back. You dont know how many time you got left.

He then stopped from walking and turn around.. He looks at you with a sad eyes and tears were forming down his lids.

You give him a wide smile.

"I still love you Mikey!"

" i always do and always will".

It sounds like those were the last word you would be wanting to say.. Before any tragedy happens. You turn your back and ran away.

Leaving Mikey looking down at the ground beneath him and crying continuously.

It hurts you thinking that he was carrying all the burden all alone.

When you arrive home, you saw your brother with hina. She was soft spoken and really sweet. She give you a smile before approaching you and holding both of your hands. " Lets go out tomorrow". She said

Maybe your brother was making his move to change the future. He is making sure you were never alone tomorrow or should you say the day of your death.

---- time skipped December 22nd. (Death day).

Its Monday that means school day, after school Hina and you promised to meet at the gate. She was wearing a warm smile. You smiled back at her.

The two of you went to the mall, market place and even clothing boutiques. It was a fun day. Almost forgotting this was the same day you died.

It was 5pm and both you and hinata decided to go home. But she wont leave you alone and wanted to walk you home. On the way home, both of you are talking about your brother and how pathetic he is.. Laughing about it sometimes but you can see in hina's eyes that she loved him so much.

" my brother is so lucky to have you! You know!" you said confidently.

She blushed from what she just heard.

You and hinata were taking a turn when suddenly you saw a group of familiar gang standing near the alley way. They were smoking cigarettes and the red haired guy notice you.

'Oh Shit, he was the guy that mikey beat up.' your thoughts are screaming.

'Is this it?! Can i really not escape my destiny?'

You closed you eyes and took a deep breath. Before saying " Hina, please run, get out of here."

Hinata refuses to leave you but you pushed her away while screaming at her.. "Now!!".

Hinata run she grabbed her phone to call for help.

***Calling Takemichi***

Hinata: Takemichi, your predictions are coming through .

Takemichi: what where are you.

Hinata: YN told me to run we are on the way home when a group of gang was about to attacked us. She was left there. We are at the (street name)

Takemichi quickly hang up
Upon hearing the location hinata has given her.

Mikey's POV~~~~

Me, ken-chin and Takemichi are talking about the black dragon matters when takemichi received a call.

His expression changes and i felt a heavy feeling that it has something to do with YN.

He was tensed and quickly stand up and ran. I and ken-chin followed him and give him a ride.

Takemichi told me everything when we were on the motorbike. He said. " the future should have changed right, i already did everything i could mikey kkun.

'I was sweating and worrying so much. I hope we got there on time. I don't know what i would do if i find her lying there bathing in her own blood.'

End of Mikey POV~~~~

You were now standing in that alley being sorrounded by 9 men and they look really pissed.

You thought of mikeys smile, it was warm. He is like an angel. You also think about your brother and your friends.. Hina, Draken and emma.

You then saw the red haired guy pulled a katana in his bag. You already know what will happened next.

You just regret the fact that you didnt get the chance to kiss and hug Mikey for the last time. 😢 Looking at the clear sky above. You knew you were ready.

Then a sudden voice in your head like a flash back. Its your brother saying...

He will do everything to protect you. You remember Mikey's facial expression when he broke up with you that night. The feeling of pain he has to endure to save and protect you.

The red haired guy was about to stab you in the chest when your body reacted in its own and you caught the katana with your bare hands holding it tightly, even though you are bleeding so much it didnt reach your chest anyway. He was startled by what you just did making him let go of the katana he was holding.

His eyes widened by what you just did. Frozen for a few seconds before charging towards to give you a strong punch in the face.

He failed. You move you head to the side and he is not successful on trying to hit you. You kicked his stomach that made him lay down on the ground.

You sit on top of him and continously punch him. Harder that his face started to bleed. You stand up and beat up the other 8 guys.

Down to one guy remaining . You scream while charging towards him. You have blood on your hands, face and feet. But it wasnt yours. It was theirs.

You are now mumbling ..

I dont want other people to sacrifice anything trying to protect me, i want to protect them too.. From pain, from heart ache.. From everything.. They matter too as much as i do, So i decided i wont die here.. Not now!

Mumbling turns into screaming.. You are saying those words while beating the last guy and continously punching him on the face. He is now unconcious but you are still not stopping. You were numb that even the wounds from your hands is being ignored. And you still manage to punch harder giving everything you have to give this guy a half death experience.

Little do you know Takemichi, Draken and Mikey has already arrived with Hinata. They were standing there looking at you completely frozen from what theyre witnessing right now, they could not believe their eyes and Also, Hearing everything you just said just now.


Yn is baddass!

Sometimes we can't rely on other people to always watch our back and protect us.

We have to be strong in order to protect ourselves too.

Lets do it on the other way around. Shall we😊

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