Use enthusiast in a sentence (2023)


  • Whilst the worship of the Church of England was proscribed, every illiterate or frenzied enthusiast was allowed to harangue at his pleasure.



  • So where does a bird enthusiast find their new friend?



  • He was an enthusiast in music and other fine arts; and he habitually practised as an amusement, while deeply studying in theory, all sorts of athletic sports, including swimming and fencing.



  • It is curious to find that Caxton, an honest man, and an enthusiast as to the future of the art of printing, which he had introduced into England, waxes enthusiastic as to the merits of the intelligent but unscrupulous peers who took an interest in his endeavours.



  • The city has numerous bike routes and other activities you may want to undertake as an outdoors enthusiast.




  • A few hundred the finals of gaming enthusiast James in the main.



  • A notebook is a perfect gift for a student; a photo album for a photo enthusiast; and a journal for a writer.


  • But, an enthusiast for Hellenic culture, he seems to have shown but little interest in the native religion.



  • This collection contains merchandise geared towards the sport enthusiast.


  • Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast are all magazines that publish special issues highlighting the best wines.


  • Read on to find out helpful tips for buying the perfect pair of binoculars for children, adults or your favorite bird enthusiast!

  • If you're a stained glass enthusiast, you can learn to make your own lamp shades much more easily than you might imagine.

  • For the color enthusiast, a package showcasing the season's top colors, including a lipgloss and a blush is an easy gift idea.

  • It should come as no surprise then that the newspaper hosts a site specifically for the fantasy sports enthusiast.

  • The site also includes analysis that is of interest to the fantasy football enthusiast.


  • Whether you are a crossword enthusiast or just someone who loves to play word puzzles, crossword puzzle dictionaries offer several uses.

  • In addition, the price tag of $99.99 makes it a fairly budget-friendly option for the digital scrapbooking enthusiast.

  • The Scrapbook Lounge is an invaluable resource for any scrapbooking enthusiast.

  • This means that there is always something fresh and fun for the scrapbooking enthusiast to try.The CKU curriculum varies according to date and location.

  • Pelican ski shops have everything you could ever imagine for the ski or snowboard enthusiast.


  • Begin to seek out the positives during science class, and if you are already considered to be a chemistry enthusiast, make the decision to help those struggling around you.

  • For the sports enthusiast, gifts that relate to his favorite game or team will be a big hit.

  • But, by fainting in the middle of the ceremony, I'd once again met a fellow frog enthusiast.

  • A personalized groomsmen gift fit for the outdoor barbeque enthusiast includes a set of personalized steak branders or barbeque tool kit.

  • Starting at around $30, the microbrews may not be a lifetime keepsake, but the memory is guaranteed to linger long past the last few drops enjoyed the true beer enthusiast.


  • As any sports enthusiast will note, getting married is not an excuse to ignore their favorite pastime.

  • If you have a surfer enthusiast in your home and are looking for the perfect shower curtain, then you'll be surprised at the multitude of choices you have.

  • If you're ready to take the plunge into something a little more daring or you're just a huge animal enthusiast, animal print decor is a fun way to express your wild side.

  • Whether you are a beginning guitar player or a music enthusiast, the best way to learn to play songs by your favorite bands are to keep practicing.

  • Guitar websites are updated by a mix of guitar enthusiast and music professionals.

  • Any wine enthusiast will tell you that there are many variables to think about when building a home wine cellar, including temperature, storage systems, labeling, preservation, and more.

  • Whether you are a serious bicycling enthusiast or simply enjoy an occasional casual bike ride, wearing a bicycle necklace is a great way to show off your love for this two wheeled mode of transportation.

  • Whether you are a bicycling enthusiast yourself, or want to get a special gift for someone that loves to ride, there is sure to be the perfect bicycle necklace to fit your sense of style and your budget.

  • If you're looking for a special gift for a jewelry enthusiast, consider one of the many beautiful birdseye maple jewelry boxes in stores and online.

  • Even many police and fire departments depend on Harleys - if these bikes are trusted and dependable enough for law enforcement and rescue personnel, they can be counted on for the recreational rider as well as the bike enthusiast.

  • Thorlos men's quarter socks may be some of the best socks ever designed for the sports enthusiast!

  • This makes Ireland an interesting place for the organic garden enthusiast to visit, perhaps with a view to learning more about organic gardening.

  • Bernat is one of the largest manufacturers of yarn and other items for the knitting and crocheting enthusiast.

  • Give a plant, bags of seeds, or flowers to a garden enthusiast.

  • You are an avid sports enthusiast and actively participate in sports.

  • The company's styles are durable and technologically advanced--perfect for the sports enthusiast.

  • Established in 1956, Carrera makes sports eyewear, ski helmets and goggles for the sports enthusiast.

  • Sport Rx sounds like the name of a sports enthusiast's heaven if they need vision correction.

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  • Further still, a hunting enthusiast might appreciate a pair as well.

  • For the outdoor enthusiast, try Nannini's Golf Glasses, and never have the sun interfere with your game again!

  • Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just need a set of great looking, protective eyewear, you can find it at Pearle.

  • Several of the styles are geared towards the sports enthusiast, and this holds true whether your sport is golf or skiing.

  • The brightly colored logo of the Six Flags Corporation is familiar to any theme park enthusiast, but it is more than just a fun symbol of a great park chain.

  • Consistently voted one of the best amusement parks in the world by leading roller coaster enthusiast groups, industry organizations, and travel professionals, Cedar Point is a top theme park destination all summer long.

  • Not for the faint hearted, Kingda Ka will challenge any coaster enthusiast's adrenaline.

  • If you are a die-hard Disney enthusiast, or have small children with you, this is a treat worth pursuing.When you get to the monorail station, simply ask to ride up front.

  • Though many people flock to England to see famous landmarks like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the country is also dotted with theme parks sure to please any enthusiast.

  • If you are a video game enthusiast and love high quality games over many genres, then this list of Electronic Arts games is just for you.

  • For the enthusiast market and the hardcore gamers, no price is too much to run games at 1600 x 1200 or higher with all visual settings turned to maximum.

  • Like Dell, HP has recently moved into the enthusiast market with the release of the Blackbird-line of desktops.

  • Fear not, fellow MMOG enthusiast, because we've hunted down five great games for you to enjoy.

  • Highly recommended for any puzzle game enthusiast.

  • This site should have something fun for the retro gamer or video game enthusiast.

  • offers up several variations and difficulty levels for the true checkers enthusiast.

  • Hopefully, these tricks and strategies will improve your skills as a Bounce Out enthusiast.

  • For example, a gamer might want all the games for the Atari 2600, while another video game enthusiast may just want every fighting game ever made.

  • The possibilities are endless for what kind of video game enthusiast you happen to be.

  • For instance, Wine Enthusiast offers many storage options for different space and budget needs.

  • The descriptions are easy to read, even for the novice wine enthusiast, and the site is easy to navigate.

  • Wine Enthusiast draws kudos from countless devotees.

  • Subscriptions to Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast are both excellent choices.

  • These storage solutions are affordable for the beginner wine enthusiast.

  • For all types of wine stoppers, visit the Wine Enthusiast website.

  • Black Box Wines - The Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 has an 86 point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine and sells for around $20 per 3-liter box.

  • Wine Enthusiast - This website offers a wide array of wine glasses from Riedel, U Wine Tumblers and Fusion.

  • These same wine snobs know that when wine is rated by the Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Wine Advocate, the price is not revealed before or during the tasting.

  • Wine Enthusiast gave this bottle a score of 86.

  • Ray's Station Sonoma County Merlot 2003 - Scoring 87 points from Wine Enthusiast, this bottle of merlot is priced at around $15.

  • This Sonoma County merlot received a very respectable rating of 88 points from Wine Enthusiast.

  • The reason why it has to be included in this list is because of its spectacular 90+ rating this wine has received from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Wine and Spirits.

  • Tin Roof Merlot 2005 - Tin Roof Merlot rated 90 points from Wine Enthusiast.

  • For the beginner wine enthusiast try books that talk about all aspects of wine aimed at the beginning wine fan.

  • Wine Enthusiast's Wholesale Store - When you don't have the time to search for glassware, simply fill out your contact information on the Wine Enthusiast wholesale website and a representative will contact you.

  • Some suggestions to start you out would be the Wine Spectator and The Wine Enthusiast.

  • Wine Enthusiast Catalog also offers a number of wine coolers, cooling systems, rack systems, cellar designs and more.

  • Some good wine publications include Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Saveur magazine.

  • Two great books for any wine enthusiast are Wine for Dummies and The Wine Bible.

  • Do you want wines that have been rated highly by experts such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast?

  • On the other hand, if you purchase the item from a merchant or other sports enthusiast, and the price is pretty steep, you should have the item appraised by someone who is well known in the appraising field.

  • Understanding baseball card values is an important part of collecting for any enthusiast.

  • Redline Gear carries a complete selection of camping gear that meets the needs of motorcycle camping enthusiast.

  • For times like those, it is helpful to check the many cell phone enthusiast forums on the internet for guidance.

  • Read on, fellow cell phone enthusiast, and find out what Sky is all about.

  • As time goes on, the Apple enthusiast community will surely develop even more seamless ways to get the iPhone working on just about any GSM provider.

  • Using printable dance routines to both teach and learn new moves is an invaluable tool for any dance enthusiast.

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  • Ancestry is a subscription genealogy site geared to the family history enthusiast.

  • Even if it is created by a child or a casual adult enthusiast, it still incorporates classic folding techniques that have been used for centuries.

  • Paper origami ornaments are the perfect home decoration for any origami enthusiast.

  • To find the best paper airplane model, you need to consider the age and skill level of the origami enthusiast.

  • For the water sports enthusiast who can't get enough of camouflage gear, camo wetsuits are perfect for all of your underwater activities.

  • This is definitely the bikini for the devoted work out enthusiast, because with only a moderate coverage bikini bottom, your every backside flaw will be exposed to the light of day.

  • These two are perfect for any polar bear enthusiast.

  • Whether you're simply looking for an easy way to prepare coffee at home, or you're a coffee enthusiast with gourmet preferences, a Braun coffee maker can be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

  • Many of the pricier models aren't just for wheat grass but may also do double duty in the raw food enthusiast's kitchen, whipping up nut butters and other delicious concoctions through the use of interchangeable blades and screens.

  • Just about any kitchen small appliance enthusiast will be thrilled to receive a NINJA Master Prep Professional.

  • If someone on your shopping list is a baking enthusiast, a KitchenAid stand mixer is an excellent gift idea.

  • Maybe you love working with children, and you are also a sports enthusiast.

  • For the sports enthusiast, anything with his favorite team on it will do.

  • For the vintage or muscle car enthusiast, a ticket to the next big car show would be a great idea.

  • Although the Playstation 3 is definitely a pricey Christmas gift, this new console tops the list of 2006 Christmas hot toys for the video game enthusiast.

  • Whether you are a costume maker, retailer, creative parent, or just a costume enthusiast, we would love to learn from you!

  • You can fill a tackle box with fishing supplies or present a bucket with sponges, waxes, and drying cloths to the car enthusiast.

  • If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you want to be able to share your interest with another person, if your potential partner can't stand open air and sunshine, you will have a hard time finding activities to do together.

  • They suit everyone from the most ardent pink fanatic to the more conservative pink enthusiast.

  • A Harley Davidson biker wallet makes a great gift for the avid motorcyclist, but it is also a high quality accessory that any man - bike enthusiast or not - can appreciate.

  • The metaphysical book store is the tarot enthusiast's best friend.

  • If you have a cooking enthusiast in the family, why not encourage his love of learning by enrolling him in a pee wee chef course?

  • If you're looking for instructional, enthusiast, and educational movies rather than those strictly for entertainment, this could be your stop.

  • Whether you're a parent of a young child or just a children's movie enthusiast, there are numerous children's movies out there that you can watch.

  • The ghost hunting enthusiast's website Hollow Hill lists the methods that investigators can use to identify ghosts.

  • Soak in the culture, enjoy the food and tour haunted places in Europe, a true paranormal enthusiast's destination spot.

  • New Egg is a website dedicated to the needs of the gaming and gadget enthusiast.

  • Based in Sidney, Nebraska, Cabela's produces more than 100 catalogs a year, catering to every type of outdoor sport enthusiast.

  • They really do have everything the sports enthusiast needs to perform at the highest level of your game, or to complete a fashionable athletic look.

  • Awarded by several businesses and high profile enthusiast groups, Honda has won honors from prestigious names such as The Robb Report and Transworld Motocross.

  • This makes it easy for the Croc enthusiast to sport a different-looking shoe every day of the month while wearing one pair of shoes.

  • For the Umbro enthusiast who wants to wear his favorite brand for other activities, there are styles for casual wear or other sports.

  • If you're a street bike enthusiast and you're looking for gear, Joe Rocket's footwear may fit the bill for you.

  • As any softball enthusiast knows, it's important to wear comfortable, field-appropriate shoes in action.

  • If you're enthusiast about birth charts, then perhaps you might prefer the glyph symbol for Aquarius over the more literal interpretation mentioned above.

  • Once Caps make a decision, they stick by it; this is exactly what any true tat enthusiast does when committing to a design.

  • Taking care of tattoos never really ends for the serious body art enthusiast, but it's certainly worth the time and effort to maintain body art that you love.

  • For the zodiac enthusiast, consider combining all of the natural elements associated with each zodiac sign into a tribal piece (earth, air water, and fire) and add colorful depictions of every birth sign.

  • A Virgo zodiac tattoo is attractive and can be a great way for a Virgo or Virgo enthusiast to express his or her pride in the astrological sign.

  • Beautiful colors, unique shapes and vivid sketches are appealing eye-candy for the newbie tattoo enthusiast.

  • For the more ambitious tattoo enthusiast, a night view of the sky can make a great backpiece.

  • Roller coasters in France may not be the tallest or fastest in the world, but they offer an exciting range of styles and configurations sure to speed of the heart rate of any roller coaster enthusiast.

  • As gifts, it's a rare travel enthusiast who doesn't get excited about a new map or atlas.

  • For the serious watch enthusiast, Breitling offers the Chronomat Evolution Watch, a watch so sophisticated that it's sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  • The Famous Trails Digital Compass Watch represents the finest in wrist wear for the outdoor enthusiast or sportsman.

  • Famous Trails offers several watch models for the sports enthusiast with a wide variety of features to meet just about any need.

  • This will help potential customers find the perfect watch or provide interesting reading for the watch enthusiast.

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  • If you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast and are looking for a Timex Helix watch, there are plenty of options whether you are looking for a secondhand model or a new alternative.

  • Beginning with a foundation of advanced technology and classic style, Citizen diving watch collections offer the modern diving enthusiast the latest in superior performance.

  • Available in a host of sizes, colors and materials, an F&S Excursion fills the needs of the extreme sportsman as well as the Sunday afternoon enthusiast.

  • Add a rotating bezel and a black dial with luminous markers into the mix and even the most discriminating watch enthusiast can't resist.

  • The site caters to the outdoorsy type, but you don't have to be a camping enthusiast, avid biker or diver to appreciate the benefits of rubber straps.

  • Sports enthusiast women will love the T-Touch series.

  • Fit Couture was established by Amy Cerny, a fashion designer and fitness enthusiast who wanted more from sporting apparel.

  • Pilates certification is the sure way for any enthusiast to become a qualified instructor.

  • Between the Green Dragon line and the Pink Lotus line, the company has a broad spectrum for any yoga enthusiast.

  • Yoga United's marble om design makes a great gift for your favorite yoga enthusiast as well.

  • He was a car enthusiast who enjoyed driving and competing in local autocross events.

  • For the enthusiast, the next area is the testing information.

  • One of the best ways to learn how to build a car is to talk to a local enthusiast who knows how cars work.

  • Ever since 1925, MG sports cars have been making a very big splash within the car enthusiast community.

  • The sites above might help, but if you're still stuck without a manual, don't forget the many auto enthusiast forums across the web.

  • If you are an off-road enthusiast, the 2006 Liberty might be the car for you.

  • Quirks of Art has a wide array of stamps for the rubber stamping enthusiast, with an orientation toward the more artistic and creative side of rubber stamping.

  • Needlepoint Tool Time carries everything for the needlepoint enthusiast.

  • For the real computer enthusiast who owns a handheld device, the iPhone app solves all the common difficulties with following a diet plan while leading a busy life.

  • For more information regarding exercise logs, ask the fitness enthusiast in your life.

  • As you can see, Gold's Gym offers a variety of workout equipment for the home fitness enthusiast.

  • For any Pilates enthusiast, Peak Pilates can help get you to the next level, whether through equipment, instruction or space planning.

  • Today's athlete, fitness enthusiast or average person looking for casual gear will find a myriad of warm-up suits in modern fabrics designed to make your workouts as comfortable as possible.

  • Proving their products aren't made solely for at-home use, the Cuddl Duds company offers Comfortech Active apparel for the outdoor enthusiast.

  • Again with the little thing that follows the cursor around, but despite that, this site is chock full of all kinds of Nightmare Before Christmas fun for the enthusiast.

  • Whether you're a Star Trek enthusiast or just a passing fan, starship blueprints of the many vessels throughout the series can really help you feel more engrossed in the plot and fascinated by the storyline.

  • This can be a great starter package or gift for a nail art enthusiast!

  • If you are a dancer or a dance enthusiast, this theme may complement your online presence well.

  • There are plenty of cool social networks out there to keep any type of enthusiast busy learning more about what they love.

  • Whether you're a hardcore anime cosplay enthusiast or just looking for a neat Halloween costume, this is one of the sharpest and easiest recreations there is.

  • With numerous water activities, wine trails, farms and markets, this town is an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

  • By the beginning of August 1760 he had another volume written, and was so "delighted with Uncle Toby's imaginary character that he was become an enthusiast."



  • From the stores of valuable materials contained in those ten volumes, it will be enough here to cite (1) the Ricordi politici, already noticed, consisting of about 400 aphorisms on political and social topics; (2) the observations on Machiavelli's Discorsi, which bring into remarkable relief the views of Italy's two great theorists on statecraft in the 16th century, and show that Guicciardini regarded Machiavelli somewhat as an amiable visionary or political enthusiast; (3) the Storia Fiorentina, an early work of the author, distinguished by its animation of style, brilliancy of portraiture, and liberality of judgment; and (4) the Dialogo del reggimento di Firenze, also in all probability an early work, in which the various forms of government suited to an Italian commonwealth are discussed with infinite subtlety, contrasted, and illustrated from the vicissitudes of Florence up to the year 1 494.


  • In the month of May 1347 Cola di Rienzi accomplished that extraordinary revolution which for a short space revived the republic in Rome, and raised this enthusiast to titular equality with kings.



  • If it be true that knowledge lies only in the agreement or disagreement of ideas, the visions of an enthusiast and the reasonings of a sober man will be equally certain.



  • We are looking for the knowledgeable enthusiast rather than the academic or complete novice.



  • At one of these sales he meets a fellow enthusiast who years later is to find success in underground comics.


  • They are an exquisite addition to any fairy enthusiast's collection, or to be enjoyed by fine art connoisseurs alike.


  • National Geographic News National Geographic News National Geographic News Every science enthusiast will find countless, fascinating stories at this National Geographic website.


  • Next time you feel like your lip curling into a sneer - have a little care for your fellow enthusiast.


  • The satisfying crackle of power lines is sufficient to warm the heart of any pylon enthusiast during a summer downpour.


  • With it's Championship course and sea views, it's the ideal place for the golfing enthusiast.


  • Adrian Flux has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast.


  • Norfolk Village Signs Considered to be the original home of the village sign, Norfolk has more than enough to satisfy the armchair enthusiast.

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  • Toadally Clean Toadally Clean is an all round cleaning service for the equine enthusiast.


  • Les, a keen amateur radio enthusiast joined the Scout Movement in the 1930s.


  • Being an avid shark enthusiast Rachael wrote in about her life long ambition to cage dive with a great white shark.


  • They can be a couple of weekends ' work around the home to the average DIY enthusiast.


  • Your skipper Nick is a very knowledgeable, life long, wildlife enthusiast.


  • These were times when zombie flicks actually tore a chunk of gory nail from a young horror enthusiast's fingers.


  • He will face the full fury of the rail enthusiast lobby that will undoubtedly be backed by various newspapers.


  • A self-confessed cult horror enthusiast, Vanian would undoubtedly have secured a copy of DEATH BED.



  • He was also a great enthusiast and expert on steam locomotion and the national railroad system.



  • He was an enthusiast for evolution and saw in the growth of embryos what he called ' ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny ' .


  • My husband bought this pram - being a bicycle enthusiast, I think the pump appealed to him!


  • He is a little queer in his ideas an enthusiast in some branches of science.


  • The Elan Valley is a haven for bird watchers in our delightful countryside, for the dedicated enthusiast or the casual day tripper.


  • Or else they are so voluminous (multiple volumes) that only the most serious scholar or eager enthusiast can imagine plowing through them.


  • But, whatever might be Shaftesbury's speculative opinions or his mode of expressing them, all witnesses bear testimony to the elevation and purity of his life and aims. As an earnest student, and ardent lover of liberty, an enthusiast in the cause of virtue, and a man of unblemished life and untiring beneficence,, Shaftesbury probably had no superior in his generation.


  • The contents of the sailors' scientific logs were brought together by the American enthusiast in the study of the sea, Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873), whose methods and plans were discussed and adopted at international congresses held in Brussels in 1853 and in London in 1873.


  • He was a great enthusiast for Greek art and culture, and introduced many of its masterpieces into Rome, amongst them the picture of the Muses by Zeuxis from Ambracia.


  • Founded in 1737 by the followers of Elias Eller, a religious enthusiast, Ronsdorf received civic rights in 1745.


  • He came to London in 1782, still nominally a minister, to regenerate society with his pen - a real enthusiast, who shrank theoretically from no conclusions from the premises which he laid down.


  • The first settlers were chiefly followers of Jemima Wilkinson (1753-1819), a religious enthusiast, born in Cumberland township, Providence county, Rhode Island, who asserted that she had received a divine commission.


  • Accompanied by Melchior Rinck, also a skinner or furrier, and a religious enthusiast, he made his way to Sweden.


  • No pylon enthusiast worth their salt would normally dream of taking measures against their allies, the anglers.


  • This rare archive steam footage was lovingly captured on 16mm film by the famous American railroad enthusiast, Harry P. Dodge.


  • For the wildlife enthusiast, there are regular sightings of otters, and dolphins and whales may be seen off Neist point.


  • Integrating a subwoofer into your system to produce a seamless sound is a challenge for any home cinema enthusiast.


  • We are an informal group of artists, writers, enthusiast microscopists, and computer techies working together from different countries for free.


  • Online theater and movie websites offer a wonderful array of services every movie enthusiast is sure to enjoy.


  • If you are an herbal tea enthusiast, you may choose to purchase a ginger tea.



  • The Olympus 1030 SW is a water enthusiast's dream machine.


  • Whether you are an experienced camping enthusiast or you simply want to find out if the RV lifestyle is a good fit for you and your family, you're sure to enjoy the time you spend touring Wisconsin in a rented recreational vehicle.



  • The leader, Hung Sin Tsuan, a semi-political, semi-religious enthusiast, assumed the title of Tien Wang, or Heavenly King, and by playing on the feelings of the lower class of people gradually collected a considerable force.



  • All of the great waterways will give an outdoor enthusiast plenty to do, including whitewater rafting, fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving.



  • The vast miles of forest provide a lovely setting for any outdoor enthusiast that enjoys hiking or biking.



  • He means this - that he is no mere ecstatic enthusiast or "dervish," whose primary aim is to keep up the warlike spirit of the people, taking for granted that Yahweh is on the people's side, and that he is perfectly free from the taint of selfishness, not having to support himself by his prophesying.



  • At length the clouds broke; the light became clearer and clearer; and the enthusiast who had imagined that he was branded with the mark of the first murderer, and destined to the end of the arch-traitor, enjoyed peace and a cheerful confidence in the mercy of God.



  • The wise man and the ignorant, the enthusiast and the man of the world, could all find acceptance here, and there was laid on no one more than he was able and willing to bear.



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How do you use enough is enough in a sentence? ›

The time for that has now gone; and enough is enough. They have high bills for heat, light and power and when the rate demands arrive they say that enough is enough. I have to say firmly that enough is enough. After seven years of membership, enough is enough.

What is a simple sentence for enthusiastic? ›

They were enthusiastic supporters of the president. I'm not wildly enthusiastic about your latest idea. She received an enthusiastic welcome.

What is a good sentence for enthusiasm? ›

He has so much enthusiasm and running power. As a player before his move he always showed skill and enthusiasm. His enthusiasm for the subject is boundless. He shows great enthusiasm all the time.

What do you call a person who is very enthusiastic? ›

eager, fervent, zealous, passionate, vehement, fervid, impassioned.

How do you start a sentence with enthusiasm? ›

"He showed real enthusiasm today." "She has great enthusiasm for her job." "His sudden enthusiasm for math was strange." "There was a lot of general enthusiasm for the new design plan."

What is a simple sentences for enough? ›

[M] [T] He had barely enough to eat. [M] [T] She isn't good enough for him. [M] [T] He is old enough to drive a car. [M] [T] He is old enough to travel alone.

How do you use enough in a sentence? ›

Adverb I couldn't run fast enough to catch up with her. She's old enough to know better. Are you rich enough to retire? That's good enough for me.

What is another way to say enough is enough? ›

Some common synonyms of enough are adequate, competent, and sufficient. While all these words mean "being what is necessary or desirable," enough is less exact in suggestion than sufficient. do you have enough food? When would adequate be a good substitute for enough?

What are sentences 5 examples? ›

Examples of simple sentences include the following:
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What are 5 simple sentences? ›

The five-sentence elements are subject, verb, object, complement, and adjunct (SVOCA).

What are 10 good sentences? ›

Good sentence example
  • It felt so good to be home. 1117. ...
  • You have a good family. 724. ...
  • She is such a good seamstress. 672. ...
  • It was a good thing they were going home tomorrow. ...
  • It was all just good clean fun. ...
  • It meant a good deal to him to secure a home like this. ...
  • It would do no good to ask him why. ...
  • He had done one good deed.

What are 5 positive sentences? ›

Examples of Positive sentence
  • They are going to plant a tree.
  • Bill will join swimming classes this summer.
  • My sister brought home a very cute puppy.
  • The work is due today.
  • Ankush laughed loudly at the joke.
  • I have a plan.
  • Raju went to Kolkata yesterday.
  • Gourav tried hard to climb the wall.
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What can I say instead of great enthusiasm? ›

Some common synonyms of enthusiasm are ardor, fervor, passion, and zeal. While all these words mean "intense emotion compelling action," enthusiasm applies to lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity.

What are examples of enthusiasm? ›

There are many ways in which an individual might demonstrate enthusiasm in the workplace. For example, in a job interview, he or she might smile, sit up straight, make eye contact, and discuss training and work experiences in an upbeat manner.

What does strong enthusiasm mean? ›

: strong excitement and active interest. : something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest.

How would you describe yourself as an enthusiastic person? ›

Enthusiastic people feel passionate about life, about knowledge, and about work. They do everything with a good attitude and good energy. They get satisfaction from what they do because they enjoy doing it. Enthusiastic people are responsible, but they also find time to have fun at work and in everything they do.

What is an enthusiasm person? ›

noun. someone who is very interested in something or excited by it and spends time doing it or learning about it.

Does enthusiasm mean excited? ›

The word enthusiasm indicates intense excitement. The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” It was originally used in a derogatory sense to describe excessive religious zeal.

In what kind of sentences are enough used? ›

Enough is used in negative sentences to mean less than sufficient or less than necessary.

What does it mean to say someone is enough? ›

You are enough means that you don't have to strive to become more worthy, more valid, more acceptable, or more loved. You already are all of those things.

What does it mean to be enough? ›

Enough means as much as you need or as much as is necessary. They had enough cash for a one-way ticket. pronoun. If you say that something is enough, you mean that you do not want it to continue any longer or get any worse.

How do you use enough and not enough? ›

When something is “enough” it means that it is at a satisfactory level or quantity. The phrase “not enough” is obviously a negative form of that – and it shows that things are not satisfactory! For example: “There is not enough bread for the entire group to eat.”

How do you say good enough professionally? ›

  1. adequate.
  2. decent.
  3. fair.
  4. good.
  5. gratifying.
  6. satisfying.
  7. solid.
  8. suitable.

What type of word is enough? ›

Enough is a determiner, a pronoun or an adverb.

What is a full sentence? ›

What is a “Complete Sentence”? What elements must a construction have for it to be a complete sentence? Answer: It must have a subject and a predicate. An example of a simple, complete sentence is “She sleeps.” She is the subject; sleeps is the predicate. In this instance, the complete predicate is the verb sleeps.

What is a simple simple sentence? ›

Simple sentences are sentences containing one independent clause, with a subject and a predicate. Modifiers, compound subjects, and compound verbs/predicates can be used in simple sentences. The standard arrangement of a simple sentence is subject + verb + object, or SVO order.

What is a sentence answer? ›

A sentence is a grammatically complete idea. All sentences have a noun or pronoun component called the subject, and a verb part called the predicate.

What is a 50 word sentence? ›

A 50-word sentence is used to get you to summarize a topic we are discussing clearly and correctly. I know a 50-word sentence is a run-on sentence and would make English teachers cringe.

How do we make a sentence? ›

A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order.

How do you use sample in a sentence? ›

I tasted a sample of the new cereal. Free samples were handed out at the store. The sample included 96 women over the age of 40. A random sample of people filled out the survey.

How can you start a sentence? ›

Seven Effective Ways to Start a Sentence
  • Adjective (a word that modifies a noun) ...
  • Adverb (a word that modifies a verb) ...
  • Prepositional phrase (a phrase that starts with a preposition) ...
  • Infinitive phrase. ...
  • Gerund phrase. ...
  • Participle phrase. ...
  • Adverb clause.

What is a 100 word sentence? ›

How Many Sentences Is 100 Words? 100 words is about 5-7 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What are the 3 qualities of a good sentence? ›

To be effective, a sentence should consist of the following qualities, that is, correctness, unity, clarity, coherence and emphasis (Wang, 2003). that is, correctness. In that case, they can avoid writing and making incomplete sentences and such grammatical errors. refer to the subject or the “my brother”.

Can a sentence be 5 words? ›

Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous.

What is the best positive word? ›

From simple words like “smile” to more complex terms like “unwavering,” these positive words will have you feeling good in no time!
  • absolutely. accepted. acclaimed. ...
  • beaming. beautiful. believe. ...
  • calm. celebrated. certain. ...
  • dazzling. delight. delightful. ...
  • earnest. easy. ecstatic. ...
  • fabulous. fair. familiar. ...
  • generous. genius. ...
  • handsome. happy.

How do you describe a person who is full of energy? ›

People who score high on Energy are energetic, animated and enthusiastic. They are gregarious, competitive, fun-loving and sociable. They are more comfortable with new people, places and experiences. People who score low on Energy are quieter, more reserved and private.

How do you say you are enthusiastic about something? ›

You could say, “That's really exciting to me. I've been hoping to get a chance to do more ____, so I'm really glad you mentioned it. That's a big positive for me!” You can also tell them you're excited about the work the company or group is doing overall.

What is an enthusiast person? ›

: a person filled with enthusiasm: such as. : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit. a sports car enthusiast. : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest.

What word goes with enthusiastic? ›

synonyms for enthusiastic
  • anxious.
  • ardent.
  • avid.
  • concerned.
  • eager.
  • earnest.
  • exuberant.
  • fanatical.

Why is enthusiasm used? ›

Use it to describe great excitement or interest, like what you feel when you're doing something that you really, really enjoy.

What is a good sentence for fondness? ›

Example Sentences

my fondness for you will never fail I have a fondness for expensive chocolate.

How do you describe enthusiasm? ›

: strong excitement and active interest. : something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest.

How do you write an enthusiast? ›

Spelling of Enthusiast: Enthusiast is spelled e-n-t-h-u-s-i-a-s-t. Definition of Enthusiast: Enthusiast refers to a person that is full of enthusiasm and is strongly attached to a cause, object, pursuit, or interest.

How do you describe yourself as enthusiastic? ›

Enthusiastic people feel passionate about life, about knowledge, and about work. They do everything with a good attitude and good energy. They get satisfaction from what they do because they enjoy doing it. Enthusiastic people are responsible, but they also find time to have fun at work and in everything they do.


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