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What chapter does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers?

Chapter 118 | Tokyo Revengers Wiki | Fandom.

What happened to Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

However, when Takemichi is still unable to kill Mikey, Naoto Tachibana mistakenly thinks that Takemichi will die and shoots Mikey dead. Mikey breathed his last in Takemichi’s arms, saying thank you. After that, Takemichi returned to the past again and finally killed Kisaki in the past and came back to the present.

Does Takemichi kill Mikey?

He then confesses to a horrified Takemichi that he killed them, in addition to all the old members of Toman. Throwing a gun at Takemichi’s feet, Mikey requests a tearful Takemichi to kill him.

Does Mikey get saved in Tokyo Revengers?

According to Kokonoi, Takemichi was unconscious for three days. Takemichi barely remembers what happened while he was being attacked by Mikey, so he asked Kokonoi what happened and how he was still alive. This time, Kokonoi revealed that Senju Kawaragi saved him.

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Who all dies in Tokyo Revengers?

  • Shinichiro Sano. Shinichiro Sano was the leader and founder of the Black Dragon and the older brother of Manjiro Sano (Mikey). …
  • Emma Sano. …
  • Izana Kurokawa. …
  • Keisuke Baji. …
  • Tetta Kisaki.

Who dies in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken dies at the end of Tokyo Revengers

In one instance during a time jump, Takemichi learns that Draken will be stabbed during a fight. He was stabbed, but Takemichi managed to save him. While in the present time, back to his old, humdrum life, he learns that Draken still died.

Who is Mikey girlfriend Tokyo Revengers?

Hinata is Takemichi’s only girlfriend in his 26 years of life. When he finds out she dies, he is devastated by it even though they hadn’t met in years.

Does Mikey have a girlfriend Tokyo Revengers?

Hinata is the girlfriend of the MC, Takemichi Hanagaki.

Is Emma and Mikey siblings?

Emma and Mikey are half siblings close in age. Emma came to live with the Sano’s at age 3 and they eventually became close. Mikey is protective of his sister and has a soft spot for her.

What happens to Takemichi at the end of Tokyo Revengers?

As fans had seen in the final episode of the season, Takemichi Hanegaki has managed to reach a new rank within the Toman group. … But in the final moments, Kisaki then kills the adult Chifuyu and prepares to kill the older Takemichi for betraying him and working against him for the past 12 years.

Is Takemichi able to save Mikey?

Weakened from his wounds, Takemichi begs Mikey to save himself, as he does not have much time left. However, Mikey tells him to let go since he wants to end everything in that moment. … Moved by Takemichi’s words, Mikey tearfully asks Takemichi to save him.

Does Takemichi bring Baji back?

He is confused by the situation and what to do next, but is relieved Baji is still alive, thereby eliminating Mikey’s reason to kill Kazutora, leaving Takemichi with the goal of defeating Kisaki and becoming Toman’s leader.

Is Mikey a time leaper?

That particular scene is another sign that indicates Mikey is also a Time Leaper in Tokyo Revengers.

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Does Mikey become evil?

The message reveals Mikey’s conflict over his dark impulses that were kept on check by Shinichiro, Emma and Baji and now terrified of what he can become, he wishes for Takemichi to not look for him. Takemichi realizes Mikey’s descent to evil is not external and was caused due to Mikey succumbing to his own darkness.

How old is Mikey Tokyo Revengers?

Manjiro Sano (Mikey)15 (Past) 27 (Present)August 20, 1990
Ken Ryuguji (Draken)15 (Past) 27 (Present)May 10, 1990
Keisuke Baji14 (Past)November 3, 1990
Takashi Mitsuya15 (Past) 27-28 (Present)June 12, 1990

How did kisaki died?

Kisaki was put on Handa’s motorcycle and escaped. He died in a traffic accident after being cornered by Takemichi and others. The final battle took place at the parking lot where Kizaki killed Hina in the present world. Kisaki pointed the gun at Takemichi, but he took it back and escaped again.

Is Emma alive in Tokyo Revengers?

She is protective of Hina and follows the orders to protect her. Ordered by Izana, Emma gets attacked by Kisaki and killed. … Before allowing herself to die on the back of her brother.

Who killed Shinichiro?

Not knowing who Shinichiro was, Kazutora rushed to save Baji by hitting Shinichiro in the head with a wrench, killing him. He was 23. Even after his demise, people continued to look up to him and celebrate him.

Why is kisaki so obsessed with Takemichi?

As a child, Kisaki was very close friends with Hinata Tachibana. They went to the same cram school together. … Kisaki sees Hinata’s expression during Takemichi’s display of bravery and realizes that she has fallen in love with him. This creates a deep hatred for Takemichi, whom he believes has stolen away Hinata’s favor.

Does Senju love Takemichi?

Despite not having met each other in the previous timelines, Senju bonds with Takemichi very well. He was primarily her target because of his necessary alliance with Brahman that would help the gang in defeating Manjiro Sano and the Kanto Manji Gang, but she soon comes to trust him as they hang out and become friends.

Does Hina ever live Tokyo Revengers?

At Akkun’s salon, Takemichi gets a call from Naoto who offers to take him to visit Hina. Takemichi is, of course, elated to hear that his mission succeeded and Hina is alive, but it’s still been 12 years since they broke up with each other.

Is izana stronger than Mikey?

He is shown to be the strongest member in the entire Tenjiku Gang and is also shown to be able to initially fight on-par with Mikey. According to, Toman’s Former 5th Division Captain, Yasuhiro Muto, not only is Izana a capable fighter, but what makes him the strongest in Tenjiku is his “Undefeatable Senses”.

Who is Senju in love with?

After introducing Takemichi as an official member of Braham and announcing the date of the Battle of Three Deities, Senju went at Takemichi’s house and asked him on a date. For the record, this is not the first time for Senju and Takemichi to go out together.

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Is Draken in love with Emma?

Emma professes her love for Draken Mikey tells Takemichi to set Emma on his back, and they walk to the hospital. … Mikey reveals Draken loves Emma As her eyes well up with tears, Emma tells a crying Takemichi to take care of Mikey for her, just before her body slumps in death.

Is Mikey older than Emma?

Emma and Mikey are half siblings close in age.

Emma came to live with the Sano’s at age 3 and they eventually became close. Mikey is protective of his sister and has a soft spot for her.

Does Takemichi become a captain?

Takemichi explains his plan to Naoto Back at Naoto’s apartment, Takemichi is still in disbelief about Draken’s status as a murderer. … Takemichi replies that it is the only way he can save everyone and stop Kisaki. Laying out his plan, Takemichi decides to become the Captain of the Third Division, in Pah-chin’s place.

Does Tokyo Revengers have a happy ending?

Takemichi’s last journey through time with Naoto resulted in Hina being alive and Toman saved. It was a happy ending for everyone — except for Mikey. He has always put his friends above his own wants and needs so it’s heartbreaking, but not surprising, to see Mikey choosing to walk down a dark path by himself.

What episode does Tokyo Revengers end?

Talking about the finale episode, Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 ended at manga chapter 73, titled “A Cry Baby.” Meaning, you would have to read Chapter 74, “Get Back,” to know how episode 24’s cliffhanger ends in the manga.

What happens in the end of Tokyo Revengers?

Final arc. Takemichi returns to the present to find out that his friends are alive and successful, but Mikey, who has not been in contact with any of his friends for the past 12 years, has established a new gang called Bonten.

Is Takemichi stronger than Mikey?

Takemichi’s main strength lies within his resilience; he may not be as strong as Mikey and the others, but his near unbreakable will is definitely worth a lot.

Who killed Kazutora?

Baji coughs up blood and staggers to his feet despite Chifuyu’s protests. He grins at Mikey, thanking him for getting mad at him. Baji assures Kazutora that he won’t be responsible for his death, then whips out a knife and stabs himself in the stomach.

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Does Mikey kick kisaki from Toman?

Not only that, but Kisaki used to be a member of Moebius — he can’t be trusted. The calls for Kisaki’s removal are cut off by Draken, while Mikey tells the rest of Toman that Kisaki is joining because they’ll need his strength when they eventually go head-to-head with Valhalla.

What episode does Baji leave Toman?

Takemichi finally learns why Baji betrayed Mikey and quit Toman. Now, he is struggling to convince Baji to leave Valhalla and rejoin Toman. The official website has released the synopsis with a few spoiler stills of “Tokyo Revengers” Episode 17.

Why did Mikey disband Toman?

While he was thinking about how he will face Mikey, he just realized the main reason why Mikey disbanded the gang. It turns out that Mikey’s reason for the abolishment of the Tokyo Manji Gang was to protect the future of everyone. Mikey’s reason is actually not surprising.

Does Tokyo Revengers have two Leapers?

The manga confirmed that Kisaki was not a time leaper, but he was aware of the concept of time leaping. This meant that the character was acquainted with someone who had the same ability as Takemichi.

What is kisaki tetta power?

Kisaki has shown the he can be extraordinary intellectual throughout the story, being able to foil Takemichi’s plans multiple times despite the latter being able to time travel. He has been able to ingeniously manipulate countless powerful delinquents to do his bidding and serve as his stepping stones.


What episode does Mikey die Tokyo Revengers? ›

Chapter 118 | Tokyo Revengers Wiki | Fandom.

Why did Mikey die Tokyo Revengers? ›

A tragic accident

One of his coworkers told him that his grandfather was calling, and he sounded agitated. The Sano grandfather told Shinichiro that Mikey fell down the stairs while playing and was not waking up.

In which chapter Mikey kills Takemichi? ›

Tokyo Revengers chapter 274: The origin of the Dark Impulses explained, Mikey and Takemichi fight each other one last time. The climax of Ken Wakui's masterpiece has arrived with the release of Tokyo Revengers chapter 274.

Did Takemichi hit Mikey? ›

Taking advantage of the gap between two kicks, Takemichi punched Mikey with all his might, sending the Kantou president flying.

Will Mikey die in Season 2? ›

Mikey Died in episode number 117, named Last order From Tokyo Revengers Anime. 2.

Does manjiro die? ›

In 1871 Manjiro suffered a mild stroke, which, for the most part, ended his public life. On November 12, 1898 he died at the home of his son, Toichiro, in Tokyo at the age of 71. According to his wishes he was buried in a Shinto ceremony at the Zoshigaya Cemetery in Tokyo.

Who kills Sano manjiro? ›

The killings were put to an end when detective Naoto Tachibana shot and killed Manjiro Sano in the Philippines in 2018 while accompanied by Takemichi Hanagaki.

Will Takemichi die? ›

Everyone around the duo began crying as well, believing Takemichi to be dead. However, the final note given in the chapter read that Takemichi was not yet dead, only in critical condition. This means that the young delinquent is not yet dead, but he could be soon.

Is Mikey a killer? ›

Mikey is a 1992 American psychological slasher film directed by Dennis Dimster and written by Jonathan Glassner. It stars Brian Bonsall as Mikey, a young boy adopted by a family, who turns out to be a violent psychopath.

Does Mikey become evil? ›

The message reveals Mikey's conflict over his dark impulses that were kept on check by Shinichiro, Emma and Baji and now terrified of what he can become, he wishes for Takemichi to not look for him. Takemichi realizes Mikey's descent to evil is not external and was caused due to Mikey succumbing to his own darkness.

Why did Mikey shoot Takemichi? ›

Mikey never intended to kill Takemichi. He shot him to push Takemichi away for his own good and when this didn't work, he intended to sacrifice himself. But Takemichi became the one person in Mikey's life that refused to leave him or let go of his hand.

Who is stronger Mikey or Draken? ›

Though Draken and Kisaki are notable fighters in their own right, they still pale in comparison to Tokyo Revengers' strongest. Tokyo Manji Gang's leader, Sano Manjiro or Mikey, is indisputably the anime's strongest fighter. Other characters in the series even refer to him as the "Invincible Mikey" and for good reason.

Why is Takemichi so weak? ›

A: Because he doesn't have time and his physical state is pretty weak compared to his mental state. Q: Does Takemichi have character development? A: Well actually- no.

Why is Mikey's kick strong? ›

The formal training has built up core strength and balance in his body, the manifestation of which is his inhuman leg strength. Mikey has also trained his flexibility, which allows him to reach taller opponents with his kicks. Mikey's kick will be forever epic!!

Who dies Mikey? ›

List of deaths in Mikey (1992)
  • Beth Calvin. Drowned in swimming pool. ...
  • Grace Calvin. Electrocuted in bathtub via hair-dryer. ...
  • Harold Calvin. Fell through glass window, head bashed repeatedly with baseball bat. ...
  • David. Electrocuted in whirlpool via radio. ...
  • Rachel Trenton. Stabbed in the neck with a glass shard. ...
  • Mr. ...
  • Shawn Gilder.

Why did Draken die? ›

Since he decided to join Brahman instead, some Rokuhara rookies went on a mission to kill Takemichi. Before Takemichi could be killed by the enemy, Draken arrived to save his life once more. Tragically, Draken was shot three times while saving Takemichi, leading to his death soon after.

Does Mikey die in Tokyo? ›

Baji sadly notes that Mikey won't survive much longer. And indeed, a month after Baji and Sanzu met Shinichiro, and they heard that Manjiro Sano passes away on July 20. After Mikey's death, can Shinichiro get back to the past to rectify everything so that he can save his brother?

WHO adopted manjiro? ›

Rescued five months later by an American whaling ship, Manjiro was adopted by American Capt. William Whitfield, who renamed him John Mung and brought him back to the states to his home in Massachusetts.

What is manjiro last name? ›

Manjiro "Mikey" Sano is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Who dies in Tokyo Revenger? ›

Shinichiro Sano

One of the first things we learned about Mikey in Tokyo Revengers is that his brother Shinichiro died in a tragic accident. This happened when, to celebrate one of Manjiro's birthdays, Baji and Kazutora decided to enter a motorcycle store to steal their captain's dream motorbike.

What is Mikey's kick called? ›

In Taekwondo, Mikey's Nuclear Kick is called Balchagi or Naeryo Chagi, a kick that stretches the user that also hooks behind the opponent's head.

Will Baji come back to life? ›

Tokyo Revengers chapter 270: Baji reappears in the original timeline amidst the tragedy of Mikey's fate, Shinichiro learns about time-leaping. Tokyo Revengers chapter 270 not only sees the return of Keisuke Baji in all his middle-school glory but also explores the lives of several characters in the original timeline.

How did kisaki died? ›

In the midst of this, Kisaki is hit by a truck and dies. After the Kanto incident, Hanma goes on the run, while Mikey decides to dissolve the Tokyo Manji Gang, allowing all of its members to move on.

Did Mitsuya die? ›

Additionally, almost everyone in the photo has been killed: Chifuyu was shot to death, Hakkai was burned to death, Mitsuya was strangled to death, Draken was stabbed to death. Additionally, other chief members of Toman were murdered as well, including Kazutora, Pah-chin, and even Kisaki.

Is Chifuyu alive? ›

It was really lucky that when he went back to the past, he was changed into the future and Chifuyu was saved. Chifuyu was shot dead at Valhalla arc, but with Takemichi coming back to past and saving everyone from the brink of death, including Chifuyu. Including kisaki? Are you actually Emma???

What is Mikey's power? ›

As the leader of Toman, Mikey has absolute control over its members. His presence is able to strengthen the entire gang as a whole, amplifying everyone's strength, making Toman an incredibly formidable and dangerous opponent for enemies.

Is Mikey a hero? ›

He can be considered both a hero and a villain since Toman eventually becomes dangerous. Mikey is one of the most important characters in Tokyo Revengers, a time-traveling anime that revolves around a Japanese biker gang called Toman.

Who can beat Mickey? ›

The only people I can say could give Mikey a challenge are izana and terano South. Seeing as Mikey has fought both of these people, and they actually managed to match his strength for a while, they are the only two.

Is Mikey evil or good? ›

Type of Villain

Mikey's admiration to Takemichi after he told the latter of him being from the future. Takemitchy is my hero. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Is Mikey a leader? ›

As the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey is at the heart of central events in Tokyo Revengers.

What does Mikey mean? ›

Mikey is a masculine Hebrew name meaning “who resembles God?” It is related to the Hebrew names Micah and Micheal from the word mikha, meaning “who is like,” and el, which refers to God.

Who broke Mikey's plane? ›

On one such occasion, Mikey showed everyone his new Concorde Plastic Model, a toy airplane that took Shinichiro a month to painstakingly assemble. Mikey warned everyone not to play with it. Later, Senju saw the airplane on a shelf and started to play with it. She stumbled and the airplane broke.

Who is the traitor in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Tetta Kisaki ( 稀 き 咲 さき 鉄 てっ 太 た , Kisaki Tetta?) is the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers.

Who is the second time leaper in Tokyo Revengers? ›

In Chapter 268, it was revealed that the second time-leaper is none other than Shinichiro Sano, Mikey's late older brother. No one in the fandom expected this, as Shinichiro has been dead since before the story of Tokyo Revengers even started.

Who saves Takemichi? ›

7/10 Draken's Life Is Saved

Takemichi desperately wants to save his friend and does everything he can to make sure he won't die. By fighting Kiyomasa and making sure that Draken safely gets to a hospital, Takemichi is able to save his life.

What did kisaki do Mikey? ›

To sum up, Kisaki Tetta capitalized on Mikey's Dark impulses to manipulate him for his personal gains. Mikey's Dark Impulses have caused plenty of problems for Mikey and those around him as well.

Why was kisaki crying when he shot Takemichi? ›

Kisaki then shoots Chifuyu in the head, mocking his words. As he prepares to kill Takemichi, Takemichi cries at witnessing Chifuyu's death. Kisaki yells at Takemichi for crying in his impending death, and weeps as he holds the gun to his head, calling him a "hero".

Who is the strongest after Mikey? ›

3/10 Shuji Hanma Is Valhalla's Strongest Fighter

By blocking the patented high kick of Mikey with no issue, Hanma quickly established the danger that he, as well as the rest of Valhalla, posed to Toman.

Who is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers except Mikey? ›

Taiju is the leader of the 10th Generation Black Dragons. He was regarded as the toughest gang leader in Tokyo Revengers because of his age and enormous build. Even after being stabbed, Taiju single-handedly fought against his younger brother Hakkai, Takemichi, and Mitsuya.

Is Takemichi the villain? ›

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main protagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Will Takemichi become stronger than Mikey? ›

Unlike many shonen anime protagonists, Tokyo Revengers' Takemichi Hanagaki doesn't grow more powerful over time. His true strength lies elsewhere.

How much powerful is Takemichi? ›

Takemichi is nowhere near the strongest fighter, but he is noted to be one of the, if not the most, resilient fighter thus far. He has been shown to take blows that would have knocked cold anyone else and still stand up and even retaliate.

Who is Mikey's enemy? ›

Originally Mickey Mouse's arch-enemy, Pete has served as an antagonist in numerous Disney cartoons. In the realm of video games he is most commonly known as the henchman of Maleficent in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Who is Mikey's heart? ›

Mikey and Draken became the leaders of Toman for their strength and charisma. While Mikey would sacrifice the world for Toman and his friends, Draken is essentially Mikey's heart and his moral compass -- the only one who can keep him on the right path.

Why is Mikey's foot injured? ›

Enciso also retweeted a video of the incident where a fan explained how the incident happened. In the video, TNT forward Kelly Williams was shown giving Enciso a hard, solid pick which prompted the latter to lose his balance and crash into Mikey's left foot. “It was a sprained ankle.

Does Mikey or Draken die? ›

Tragically, Draken was shot three times while saving Takemichi, leading to his death soon after.

What episode does Takemichi save Mikey? ›

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275: Takemichi may sacrifice himself to save Mikey | Entertainment.

What is Mikey's full name? ›

Manjiro "Mikey" Sano is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Will Mikey ever be saved? ›

The protagonist of Tokyo Revengers decided to go back in time to save Mikey despite every single person leading a normal and a happy life. Many fans had mixed opinions on this. However, Takemichi ended up saving Hina, but he went back in time to save Mikey.

How does Tokyo Revenger end? ›

Though the Tokyo Manji Gang wins, Takemichi is unable to prevent Baji's death. Moreover, Valhalla is absorbed into the group, and Kisaki uses their defeat to raise his status within the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Who did Takemichi defeat? ›

3. Resolve. Takemichi takes a beating in his fight against Kiyomasa but refuses to back down. The brawl comes to a halt when the Tokyo Manji Gang leaders arrive.


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